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Publish your Plugin to NPM

Main export

Since Flux Plugins use web-components as channels/views, your main export needs to be an instance of a HTMLElement.

This example shows how to turn a preact app into a web component using the bundled custom-element.js file.

// main.ts

import { toCustomElement } from "@coasys/flux-react-web";
import App from "./App";

const CustomElement = toCustomElement(App, ["perspective", "source"], {
  shadow: false,

export default CustomElement;

NPM Package

In order to make your Flux Plugin available to your and/or other commities you need to first update your package.json

This will allow the app to be discovered by the Flux Plugin Store.

  "name": "your-flux-plugin",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "fluxplugin": {
    "name": "My plugin", 
    "description": "Description of your plugin", 
    "icon": "icon-name" 
  "keywords": [
  "scripts": {},
  "dependencies": {}

After this is done, publish your npm package.