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Quick Start

Using @coasys/create-flux-plugin

We've created @coasys/create-flux-plugin to get you quickly up and running with a minimal boilerplate. To create a new Flux Plugin, run in your terminal:

npx @coasys/create-flux-plugin

The terminal will ask you for the name of your plugin, as well as what framework you want to use (for now we only support preact).

Then install the dependencies and start your development server:

cd [app-name]
npm install
npm run dev

Manual setup

If you'd rather use another framework, or just prefer to set everything up yourself you are free to do so.

  • 1: Initialize a new project and add the required packages:
npx install @coasys/ad4m-connect @coasys/ad4m @coasys/flux-container
  • 2: Wrap your Plugin in the flux-container web-component
    <your-plugin />