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Welcome to Flux UI ‚Äč

Introducing Flux UI, the ultimate collection of web components for all you Flux fanatics out there! Whether you're a seasoned developer or a newbie just getting started, this UI library has everything you need to create stunning apps for your Flux communities.

With Flux UI you get:

  • A collection of the most commonly used UI components for app development
  • A comprehensive set of CSS variables to customize your app's look and feel
  • Built on web components making the UI elements work in any framework (Vue, React, Svelte, etc)
  • A selection of awesome themes, and the possibility to make your own

Here is a minimal example of how you could compose a simple chat message with Flux UI:

Sure, I'll be there soon!
<j-flex gap="300">
    <j-avatar size="sm" hash="did:1234"></j-avatar>
    <j-box bg="primary-200" px="400" py="300" radius="md">
      Sure, I'll be there soon!
    <j-text size="300" color="ui-400">
      <j-flex a="center" gap="200">
        <j-timestamp relative value="04/01/2023"></j-timestamp>
        <j-icon name="check-all" size="sm" color="success-300"></j-icon>


Try our Playground to use AI to compose components like this for your application.